系統識別號 U0026-2007201017064900
論文名稱(中文) 發展數位地圖嵌入式INS/GPS導航演算法
論文名稱(英文) The Performance Analysis of Map Embedded INS/GPS Fusion Algorithm for Seamless Vehicular Navigation in GPS Denied Environments
校院名稱 成功大學
系所名稱(中) 測量及空間資訊學系碩博士班
系所名稱(英) Department of Geomatics
學年度 98
學期 2
出版年 99
研究生(中文) 鄭蘭娟
研究生(英文) Lan-Chuan Cheng
學號 p6697410
學位類別 碩士
語文別 英文
論文頁數 98頁
口試委員 口試委員-卓大靖
中文關鍵字 地圖匹配  GPS  INS 
英文關鍵字 Map Matching  GPS  INS 
中文摘要 在都市化發展迅速的台灣,人口密度正不斷地攀升,相對地,複雜的交通問題也應運而生。因此,有效且高可靠度的導航系統即相形重要。微機電(MEMS)慣性測量系統(INS)與全球定位系統(GPS)整合之無縫定位技術在可預見的未來GPS將成為導航系統的核心科技。然而,INS在沒有GPS資料更新時,無法持續保持高精度的導航解,使得位置誤差隨著時間而累積。因此,本文提出一個將地圖匹配演算法嵌入至傳統INS/GPS整合架構的方法,希望藉由這樣的方式,改善整合系統在GPS斷訊期間位置誤差的累積並改善整體的導航品質。最後藉由再一次的地圖匹配,加強此演算法定位結果在地圖資料庫上顯示的合理性。 透過以上的方式,以期得到無縫式且高精度的導航定位解。



英文摘要 Taiwan is known for its dense population and the averaged ratio between the numbers of land vehicle and person reaches four, which means that people in Taiwan depends heavily on the transportation. In fact, traffic jam happens every day and becomes a nightmare to the people who live in the city. Therefore, a robust land vehicular navigation system that can provide the reliable geographic information could solve this problem effectively.

Global Positioning System (GPS) / Inertial Navigation System (INS) integrated systems are developed to be the major sensors of the navigation system for coming decades because of the stable output and the high accuracy in open-sky condition. However, an integrated navigation system can work under GPS denied environments, it also has some critical problems including the cost of inertial sensors and the time length during the GPS blockages. Therefore, in this study, a modified Map Matching (MM) algorithm is embedded to current INS/GPS fusion algorithm for enhancing the sustainability and accuracy of INS/GPS integration systems, besides, a cascade MM is also implemented to restrict the results obtained from the fusion system to keep the position of the vehicle being on the road. In principal, the proposed system is suitable for display and augmentation of real-time vehicular navigation system.

To validate the performance of the proposed MM embedded GPS/INS integration algorithm, two field tests were conducted in Kaohsiung and Tainan. The results indicate the proposed algorithms are able to improve the accuracy of positioning in GPS denied environments significantly with the use of two IMU/GPS integrated systems either in DGPS mode or SPP mode. The averaged improvement of the proposed algorithms exceeds 60% in terms of positioning accuracy and stability with the use of a low cost IMU integrated land vehicular navigation system. Consequently, the modified loosely coupled GPS/INS integration scheme with map derived positions can provide the most consistent navigation solutions with sufficient sustainability.
論文目次 摘要 I
Abstract II
Acknowledgement IV
Table of Contents V
List of Tables VII
List of Figures VIII
Glossary of Acronyms XI
Chapter 1: Overview and Introduction 1
1-1 Background 1
1-2 Problem Statement 3
1-3 Methodology 5
1-4 Thesis Outline 6
Chapter 2: The Introduction of GPS/INS Integration System 9
2-1 Coordinate Systems and Transformations 9
2-2 Global Positioning System 14
2-2-1 Overview of GPS 14
2-2-2 GPS Fundamental 16
2-2-3 Differential GPS 17
2-2-4 GPS Error 19
2-3 Inertial Navigation System 21
2-4 GPS/INS Integration System 29
2-5 Extended Kalman Filter 34
Chapter 3: Map Matching 39
3-1 Overview of MM 40
3-2 Proposed MM Procedure 46
3-2-1 Position Fix 47
3-2-2 Boundary Setting 48
3-2-3 Heading Constrained 48
3-2-4 Nearest point searching 50
3-2-5 Error detection 51
3-3 Proposed Algorithm 51
3-3-1 Map Embedded INS/GPS Fusion Algorithm 52
3-3-2 Cascade Map Matching 55
Chapter 4: Results and Discussion 56
4-1 Hardware and Condition of the Tested System 56
4-2 Performance Analysis 60
4-2-1 Kaohsiung Trail 60
4-2-2 Tainan trail 65
4-3 The Analysis of Specific Regions 71
4-3-1 Kaohsiung Trail 71
4-3-2 Tainan Trail 74
4-4 Error Analysis of Proposed Algorithm 76
Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendations 84
5-1 Conclusions 84
5-2 Recommendations 85
Reference 87
Appendix A 91
Appendix B 92
Appendix C 93
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