系統識別號 U0026-0812200911441695
論文名稱(中文) 具眼在手視覺系統之輪式移動型機械手臂之導航與避障
論文名稱(英文) Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance of Wheeled Mobile Manipulators with an Eye-in-Hand Vision System
校院名稱 成功大學
系所名稱(中) 機械工程學系碩博士班
系所名稱(英) Department of Mechanical Engineering
學年度 93
學期 2
出版年 94
研究生(中文) 蕭義麟
研究生(英文) Yi-Lin Hsiao
學號 n1691464
學位類別 碩士
語文別 英文
論文頁數 91頁
口試委員 口試委員-孫永年
中文關鍵字 單眼視覺  導航  循跡  避障  定位  移動式機器人 
英文關鍵字 positioning  obstacle avoidance  path following  navigation  mobile robot  Monocular vision 
中文摘要   在自動化生產中,市場競爭激烈、人工成本上漲,以往人工操作的搬運和固定式輸送帶為主的傳統物件搬運方式,不但佔用空間也不容易更變生產線結構,加上需要人力監督操作,更增加生產成本,在現今的環境下,已逐漸難以滿足生產自動化的需求。為順應市場產品少量多樣的趨勢,面對搬運線路配置必須能夠快速改變以適應新的工廠搬運路線規劃,結合移動平台和機器手臂之自動化物件搬運系統,在物件搬運上具有相當好的機動性,滿足自動化生產的搬運作業需求,因此廣泛地使用於物料搬運作業上。


英文摘要  Facing strong business competition and expensive labor costs, companies pursue flexibility and quick response to fit the strong demand associated with short life cycle, small-volume and wide-variety of the products in production lines. Regarding diverse and flexible production patterns, materials transportation routes should be adjusted rapidly for new production lines. Mobile manipulators, which comprise a mobile base and a robot manipulator equipped with a vision system, are appropriate for flexible manufacturing system (FMS) in automatic manufacturing processes. Such material handling systems transfer materials between stations efficiently and flexibly.

 This study adopts a single CCD camera for environmental sensing owing to its large detecting range and better resolution than ultrasonic or infrared sensors. The camera is mounted on the end-effecter of the manipulator and is used to capture the forward scene. The vision system can provide distance information from the mobile base to a landmark, station or obstacle. This work aims to advance the method used to position the developed vision-guided material handling system. Compared with the overhead camera configuration, in which several cameras were distributed at equal intervals in the workspace, the eye-in-hand configuration efficiently reduces the number of cameras necessary. Fast landmark recognition and obstacle detection by color segment are proposed for path following, obstacle avoidance and mobile base positioning. Using the machine vision, a vision-based vector field histogram (VFH) method is modified and applied to guide the mobile manipulator for obstacle avoidance. The mobile base is capable of trajectory planning based on the landmarks for path following, accurate positioning beside a station and determining the steering angle and forward velocity for obstacle avoidance.

 Finally, the proposed guidance algorithms are assessed on the mobile manipulator, including path following, obstacle avoidance and positioning beside a station. The experimental results indicate that the proposed approach is successfully validated while visually navigating a mobile manipulator.
論文目次 Abstract i
Table of Contents ii
List of Tables v
List of Figures vi

1 Introduction 1
1.1 Preface 1
1.2 Motivation and Objective 2
1.3 Literature Survey 3
1.4 Contribution 6
1.5 Thesis Organization 7
2 Background 8
2.1 Brief Introduction to Mobile Manipulator 8
2.2 Mobile Manipulator Architecture 9
2.2.1 Mobile Base 9
2.2.2 Robot Manipulator 10
2.2.3 Vision Subsystem 10
2.3 Mobile Manipulator Communication 11
2.4 Mobile Robot Kinematics 12
2.4.1 Locomotion 13
2.4.2 Localization 13
2.4.3 Path Tracking 14
3 Image Processing and Machine Vision 22
3.1 Image Preprocessing 22
3.1.1 Color Space Conversion 22
3.1.2 Filtering 23
3.1.3 Morphological Processing 25
3.2 Landmark Detection 26
3.2.1 Color Segmentation 26
3.2.2 Geometric Analysis 27
3.3 Obstacle Detection 29
3.3.1 Background Model 29
3.3.2 Background Segmentation 31
3.3.3 Post Processing 32
3.4 Machine Vision 32
3.4.1 Camera Projection Model 33
3.4.2 Monocular Distance Perception 34
3.4.3 Distance Estimation 34
3.4.4 Modified Distance Estimation 35
4 Mobile Base Guidance 46
4.1 Path Following 46
4.1.1 Determinate the Deviation 47
4.1.2 Steering and Velocity Control 48
4.2 Obstacle Avoidance 49
4.2.1 Wall Following Method 50
4.2.2 Potential Field Method 50
4.2.3 Vector Field Histogram Method 51
4.2.4 Vision Based Vector Field Histogram Method 52
4.2.5 Cubic Bezier path generator 54
4.3 Positioning 55
4.3.1 Accurate Alignment 56
4.4 Decision-Making Procedures 57
5 Experimentation 65
5.1 Experiential Setup 65
5.1.1 Camera Calibration 66
5.1.2 Monocular Distance Perception 66
5.2 Path following 67
5.3 Obstacle avoidance 69
5.4 Positioning 70
6 Conclusion 85
6.1 Summary 85
6.2 Future Improvements 86
Bibliography 88
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