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論文名稱(中文) 運動公園無障礙環境之研究-以高雄市運動公園為例
論文名稱(英文) Research on the Barrier-Free Environment of Sports Parks- A Case Study of Kaohsiung Sports Park
校院名稱 成功大學
系所名稱(中) 建築學系碩士在職專班
系所名稱(英) Department of Architecture (on the job class)
學年度 105
學期 1
出版年 105
研究生(中文) 黃儒偉
研究生(英文) Ju-Wei Huang
電子信箱 ruwei0319@gmail.com
學號 n77031024
學位類別 碩士
語文別 中文
論文頁數 128頁
口試委員 指導教授-曾俊達
中文關鍵字 社區型運動公園  無障礙環境 
英文關鍵字 community-based sports park  barrier-free environment 
中文摘要 本研究從都市公園的發展歷程著手,試圖整理社區型都市公園作為運動公園的內涵,再藉由層級分析法(AHP)將文獻回顧所歸納運動公園所應具備的無障礙環境因素重新組織,由公園外圍的區域環境、公園主體的場外環境及運動場所本身的場內環境依次擬定無障礙環境設施評估指標,以此作為專家問卷的基礎。透過Expert Choice專業軟體的計算,求得各層級因子的權重。再依此架構進行高雄市都市公園的現場調查。經由比對各層級因子在權重與現地調查結果,了解目前都市運動公園在無障礙環境不足之處,並提出建議。
This paper starts with the development process of urban park, tries to organize community park as the connotation of the sports park, and then reorganizes the accessible environmental factors which the sports park should have by the AHP. Regional environment outside the park, off-site environment outside the main body of the venue and the venue itself in order to develop barrier-free environmental facilities assessment indicators, as the basis for expert questionnaire. Through the calculation of the” Expert Choice”, the weight of each level factor is obtained. And then according to the framework of the city park in Kaohsiung City, survey on-site . By comparing the levels of factors in the weight and site survey results, to understand the current urban sports park in the barrier-free environment, and make recommendations.
Keywords: community-based sports park, barrier-free environment

There are two main users of barrier-free facilities: the elderly and those who are physically and mentally handicapped. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the total number of the two is about 15.5%. That is, every 6.4 individuals have one person is vulnerable to action on the ethnic group. If these groups are coupled with infants and young children, pregnant women, the number of people with disabilities in the short term, will be much larger than the existing public sector any statistics. It is possible to imagine the need for barrier-free facilities in the park.
At present, the regulations on barrier-free facilities are mainly focused on buildings. Although the Guidelines on the Establishment of Access Facilities for Urban Park Green Areas are promulgated by Construction Departmentin in 2014, only some of the facilities in the park are subject to the principle of regulation. Parks and other open space is still no clear and rigorous executive decree. Therefore, this study aims at this situation, to explore the accessibility of urban sports park should have the assessment of environmental indicators.

In this study, the following three research methods are proposed:
First, the literature review method
By studying the history of the origins and development of parks in the urban area, the classification of parks, classification of parks, design of barrier-free design and universal design principles are summarized. And review the investigation and evaluation of facilities such as barrier-free or handicapped facilities, to study the structure and content of barrier-free facility planning and design of community-based sports parks and the methods of survey and evaluation.
Second, the Analytic Hierarchy Process
According to the principle of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), the evaluation index system of barrier - free facilities in community sports parks was developed, and expert questionnaire survey was carried out. According to the survey results, the data were analyzed by hierarchical analysis method to determine the weight of each evaluation item in the evaluation index.
Third, the Status Survey Methods
The current status of the survey is based on Kaohsiung's existing community-based sports park for the object, by the researchers to collect data, the actual inspection or measurement survey. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the differences between the assessment indicators and the actual situation of sports park facilities.

At the stratum level, the weights of the experts' investigation are the off-site environment> the regional environment> the on-site environment. But the current survey found that the on-site environment> off-site environment> regional environment.Experts believe that the park itself, that is, off-site environment, is the most important factor, but the field survey reached only 67%, need to be strengthened.The regional environment was considered by the experts to be a secondary factor, but the status survey showed that the achievement rate was the lowest. It indicates that the development of the park should pay attention to the location factors to achieve the development of the economy. In addition the external environment of the pedestrian walkway construction, public transport system, are to be strengthened.The on-site environment is the least important factor that experts believe, the current situation survey has shown the opposite trend. From a sports park point of view, the park management unit caters to the needs of the sports population, creating a playground that fits in a barrier-free environment. For the promotion of sports, to provide urban population health, comfortable sports space is a positive development.

Suggestions for the Improvement of community-based sports park in Kaohsiung City.
First, the regional environment
1. Availability: The original Kaohsiung County jurisdiction within the township, should avoid the misuse of land use zoning development waste.
2. Supportability: The current use of the park seems to have not been incorporated into the idea. For the existing buildings within the park should be considered with the community of other public space resources, effective use.
Second, the off-site environment
1. Security: Emergency call or rescue equipment is generally inadequate, part of the park is the lack of maintenance. Management units should increase the frequency of maintenance to prevent accidents.
2. Convenience: Indicator system is generally ignored, not set or lack of systematic set. The content of labeling does not consider the needs of the elderly or the visually impaired. Disabled parking space is not taken seriously, especially the parking spaces of motorcycles
Third, the on-site environment
1. Security: The lack of emergency rescue equipment in sports venues is a common situation. In order to control the vehicle into the park and set the car resistance, but also blocked the emergency vehicles into.
2. Accessibility: Service facilities near the playground such as toilets, changing rooms, rest rooms, etc., as the main users are generally normal, so most do not meet the barrier-free facilities. This is also the cause of disability for non-exclusive sports venues deterred the main reason.
論文目次 中文摘要
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第1章 緒論 1
1.1 前言 1
1.2 研究動機 2
1.3 研究目的 3
1.4 研究內容 4
1.5 研究範圍、方法與流程 4
1.5.1 研究範圍 4
1.5.2 研究方法 5
1.5.3 研究流程 6
第2章 文獻探討 7
2.1 都市公園的規劃與趨勢 7
2.1.1 歐美日等國都市公園的起源與發展 7
2.1.2 台灣的都市公園發展 11
2.2 都市公園的分類 14
2.2.1 都市公園的定義 14
2.2.2 公園的分類 15
2.3 都市社區型運動公園無障礙環境 19
2.3.1 社區型運動公園空間內容 19
2.3.2 社區型運動公園無障礙環境 20
2.4 小結 23
第3章 運動公園無障礙環境設施評估指標 25
3.1 前言 25
3.2 評估指標評估方法選擇與操作 25
3.2.1 評估指標評估方法擇定 25
3.2.2 層級分析法步驟 25
3.3 無障礙環境評估指標架構 26
3.3.1 區域環境 26
3.3.2 場外環境 27
3.3.3 場內環境 28
3.4 問卷調查實施 34
3.5 問卷調查結果 35
3.5.1 調查結果彙整 35
3.5.2 調查結果分析 39
第4章 現況調查-以高雄市運動公園為例 45
4.1 前言 45
4.2 高雄市運動公園現況 45
4.2.1 調查對象與範圍 45
4.2.2 調查方法 47
4.3 調查結果 51
4.4 調查結果分析 91
4.4.1 整體結果比較 91
4.4.2 各層級因子比較 93
第5章 社區型運動公園現況調查與專家認知差異分析 100
第6章 結論與建議 108

附錄一 運動公園無障礙環境設施評估指標項目評估—專家問卷調查表
附錄二 問卷調查專家名單
附錄三 AHP計算結果表
附錄四 高雄市運動公園無障礙環境設施評估指標現況調查表
附錄五 現況調查達成率統計
參考文獻 一、中文資料
[C12]曾思瑜 譯(1997),經營一輩子的家:人生八十的居住觀,胡氏書局,台北市(林玉子著,1995)

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