系統識別號 U0026-0408201815535500
論文名稱(中文) 掺釹雷射系統中離軸光束的產生與非線性動態行為
論文名稱(英文) Generations and nonlinear dynamic behaviors of off-axis modes in Nd-doped laser systems
校院名稱 成功大學
系所名稱(中) 光電科學與工程學系
系所名稱(英) Department of Photonics
學年度 106
學期 2
出版年 107
研究生(中文) 邱紀斌
研究生(英文) Chi-Pin Chiu
學號 l78031083
學位類別 博士
語文別 英文
論文頁數 61頁
口試委員 口試委員-蔡宗祐
中文關鍵字 幾何環行光束  三角光線追跡法  圓柱向量光束  非線性動力學 
英文關鍵字 geometric ring mode  trigonometrical ray tracing  cylindrical vector beam  nonlinear dynamics 
中文摘要 本論文主要在產生兩種不同之雷射,幾何環型光束與具圓柱向量偏振光束,並針對這兩種光束研究其非線性動態行為。首先,透過不同晶體長度之摻釹釩酸釔(Nd:YVO4)晶體配合四面鏡共振腔產生幾何環型光束,配合三角光線追跡法計算光線於腔內行經路徑,探討其成因。而幾何環形光束也可在三面鏡系統中發現。接著透過晶體本身之雙折射特性與幾何光學的ABCD矩陣設計共振腔,當共振腔靠近穩定邊緣時,只有尋常光可以在共振腔內來回增益放大,進而得到圓柱向量光束。建立於前述之光束,我們將藉由泵源調討論其非線性動態行為。當調製頻率靠近鬆弛震盪頻率時,觀察到雷射系統循倍週期路徑進入混沌。在週期二時,觀察到輸出的兩光點強度序列相反,這說明環形光束為兩個不同之模態。隨調製深度逐漸增加,將可發現極端事件的產生。類似的非性動態行為同樣的在圓柱向量偏振光束上觀察到。相較於幾何環型光束,圓柱向量偏振光束的動態行為與空間分佈是相關聯的。因此週期二的強度變化隨空間上不同角度而改變。當調製深度增加,極端事件伴隨的混沌的產生而被觀察到。
英文摘要 In this dissertation, we generate two kinds of laser, the geometric ring mode and the cylindrical vector beam, and investigate the behavior of nonlinear dynamics. Using different lengths of Nd-doped laser crystals with different cavity configurations to generate the geometric ring mode. Based on the trigonometrical ray tracing, the intracavity trace of cavity mode was analyzed and the numerical simulations were supported the experiment results. We used three-mirror cavity configuration to generate the azimuthally polarized laser which is a kind of cylindrical vector beam. Through the birefringence of laser crystal, the o-ray-preferred region was generated at the edge of the stable region. Further combining the modulation system; the period-doubling route to chaos were determined. At a period of two, the two spots of geometric ring mode had inverse period two evolutions. When modulation depth increased, extreme event was observed. The cylindrical vector beam has similar nonlinear dynamics behaviors to the geometric ring mode. Compared with the geometric ring mode, the nonlinear dynamics behaviors in the cylindrical vector beam is spatially dependent. At a period of two, the intensity evolution gradually varied with the azimuthal angle. When the modulation depth increased the spatiotemporal extreme events occurred with the generation of the chaos.
At similar cavity configuration which is used in the previous experiment for cylindrical vector beam, we change the laser crystal to the diffusion-bonded Nd:YVO4/Nd:GdVO4 to generate an azimuthally polarized laser with dual-wavelength.
論文目次 摘要 I
Abstract II
誌謝 IV
Table of Contents V
List of Figures VII
List of Table IX
Chapter 1. Introduction 1
1.1 Off- axis mode 3
1.2 Cylindrical vector beam 5
1.3 The background of nonlinear dynamics 8
Chapter 2. Generations of off-axis modes in Nd-doped laser systems 10
2.1 Geometric ring mode 11
2.1.1 Experimental setup 11
2.1.2 Trigonometrical ray tracing in optical system 12
2.1.3 Results and discussion 16
2.2 Cylindrical Vector beams 24
2.2.1 Experimental setup 24
2.2.2 Theory 25
2.2.3 Experimental results of azimuthally polarized laser 27
2.2.4 Dual-wavelength with azimuthal polarization 30
2.3 Summary 36
Chapter 3. Nonlinear dynamic behaviors in off-axis mode 37
3.1 Nonlinear dynamic behaviors in geometric ring modes 37
3.2 Chaos and extreme events in an azimuthally polarized laser beam 45
3.3 Summary 51
Chapter 4. Conclusions and future works 52
4.1 . Conclusions 52
4.2 Future work 53
Reference 55
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